Case Studies:

WoodsCan Case Study: HHS Drilling and Blasting Ltd.
Industry: Construction
Customer Feedback

"I have been using the WoodsCan blasting horn on a daily basis for urban and downtown blasting procedures since it was first introduced. Never would I want to go back to an aerosol device. With the in-truck quick charge, I have never yet been in a position where my signal warning device fails to work. In my line of work this is imperative. Every blaster that I come in contact with either has one or wants one...they work!"
Bruce Rowell, Western Grater Contracting, Ltd.

"Our decision to change was based on the fact that compressed gas air horns were an ongoing cost to the company, as much as $6,200 per year...Life got better all-round - we save money and have a very reliable blast signaling horn."
Dave Purnell, HHS Drilling & Blasting
Rechargeable Electric Air Horn
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